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Onboard the USS JAZZA!

Posted on Fri May 24th, 2019 @ 6:14pm by Lieutenant JG Roger Lessard Lieutenant

I'm on board now! So I need to find my office and get settled in.
I'll probably meet my Security team at some point.
But for now, I'll get to my office and what I'm up against!

Well, here I am!
Hello Ensign! Oh, Hello Lt. Yes I'm The new COS Roger A. Lessard!
I'm looking for my office? Yes, Sir Lt. I'll show you, Sir. Right, this way!
Right here, Sir! It sure nice to have a new COS Lt. Lessard!! Yes, Ensign!
A what happen to the last COS? Ahhh! Well, Sir, he got transferred! Oh! Ok!
Ensign thanks for taking me here! Will talk later with the other demanding Security
Team. Aye Lt.Lessard! Ensign, you can call me Chief Lessard! Aye Chief Lessard!

So this is my office! Really nice! Good-looking computers, view screen.and in office holodeck details for
Security research!
Now it's time to get to work!!!


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