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Reassigned Again

Posted on Fri May 31st, 2019 @ 12:25am by Lieutenant Commander Arthius Sayic

Arthius was sitting at his desk at the academy working on grading some reports from his warp theory class. it was not the most exciting thing in the world but he had come to enjoy it. The last couple of years at the academy had been interesting to say the least. One part ok f that was it was the most time he had at one post in a very long time. Arthius had moved rather frequently with in Starfleet going where he was needed, he had held many different positions and titles through his tenure. The academy just happened to be the newest one.

Life at the academy was very different then it had been on a ship or even a station, it was a lot slower pace, there was not the urgency at the academy that had been felt out in the great unknown.

As arthius was finishing up reading the paper from one of his more troublesome student, he noticed the incoming message indicator blinking in his desk. He placed the padd down and tapped a button to make the screen appear. The logo for star fleet appeared briefly on the screen before revealing the person who was calling..

"Admiral, nice to see you again what do I owe the pleasure?"

Arthius said immediately recognizing Admiral Sean King

"Art, old friend how have you been?" king replied

"Well you know life at the Academy is so stressful Sean." he said with a slight smile on his face. Arthius had known the admiral for some time, in fact all the way back to their days in the academy. Sean had graduated 2 years prior to Arthius but they had kept in touch over the years and even shared some assignments. Arthius also knew he was safe using the Admirals first name as soon as Sean had used his, it was their little code.

Sean let out a little chuckle "Yea, I know how stressful it can be for you. How is Julie?"

"Good good her research is doing great here she has access so so much more then she does if we were ship side. How is Kathy doing?"

"Better but she is still not out of the woods yet" Sean said knowing that Arthius knew a lot about the health issues that his wife has had to deal with over the years.

"Tell her she is in my thoughts Sean."

"I certainly will let her know that."

"So did you just miss me or is there something else we need to discuss"

"Well, I have an assignment for you." Sean said switching gears a little bit

"Why am I not surprised? You know that Julie is not going to be happy about this?"

"I know I know, when you got the Academy job that was supposed to be it for a long time and here I am moving you out of there just after a couple of years"

"So where am I off too this time."

"A brand New Constitution class Ship, The USS-Jazza"

"Oh I get what you are doing here, I get all the kinks worked out on this one and then on to the next right." half kidding this was a trick that Sean had played before

"No no no, this time is going to be different, The plan is to have you here for quite some time."

"I have heard this song and Dance before. "

"So is that a Yes" Sean said hopeful

"I should have you break the news to Julie." Arthius said with a chuckle

"Good, and I will leave that to you, Orders have been transferred and the Dean has been made aware."

"You had the Orders already draw up!!?? You are unbelieveable Sean.

Sean smiled slightly and nodded "I know, Ill see you in space dock tomorrow. "

Arthius closed the channel and sat back in his chair "How the hell am I going to break the news to Julie" He said to himself.


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