Breaking the News

Posted on Fri May 31st, 2019 @ 1:02am by Lieutenant Commander Arthius Sayic

Arthius walked in through the front door of his apartment. He looked around for a brief moment and noticed Julie's bag laying on the table right by the entrance. There was nothing special about the apartment, but they really did not need anything special.

"Honey, are you home?" He asked knowing full well that she was.

"In here" came the reply from a soft spoken voice.

Arthius walked into the kitchen where he found his wife, she was about a head shorter then he was and had long blonde hair. Every time he saw her his heart seemed to skip a beat and he was not sure what he would do without her.

"How was your day?" she asked when he walked through the opening.

Arthius thought for a moment and figure 'Lets just rip this band aid off'

"Sean called today" he said looking down at the floor

Julie stopped what she was doing "Is Kathy OK?" She asked

Arthius looked up almost in shock that this was what her first thought was and then realized it made sense "Yea Kathy is fine, still having issues but nothing more then normal"

"Great" She paused for a second "I have to pack don't I"

"Well, yea ... I was transferred to the USS-Jazza a new constitution class. "

"Again with the get the kinks out and then off we go again?"

Arthius chuckled "That's what I said to him, but no he promised this time would be different."

Julie sighed "When is this going to end? I thought the academy was going to be our retirement home"

"Julie, lets be honest with my experience its a surprise that we lasted this long here."

Julie knew he was right and was silent for a long moment. "How long do I have"

"I have to be out to the space docks tomorrow. I figure we have at least a week or two before we leave for good. I have to get her through a could shakedowns first."

"Well, your on your own for dinner then I have work to do."

Arthius watched as she left the room and thought that she took that a lot better then he expected.