New Orders

Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2019 @ 12:03am by Captain Matthew Desmond

Mission: Baptism by Fire
Location: Starfleet Command
Timeline: April 28th, 2258

Commander Matthew Desmond, Starfleet Class of 2246 got off the turbolift on Floor 15 of Starfleet Headquarters. He had been summonsed to a meeting with Admiral Harrison, Starfleet Commander, and he didn't have the faintest idea as to why. Commander Desmond had been teaching at the Academy since being wounded during the Battle of the Binary Stars while serving as the Executive Officer of the USS Ride and was a primary instructor on the annual summer training cruise. He had assumed that this was what the meeting was about since there were rumors going around that this year he was to command the USS Horizon, a Daedalus class vessel that was to be put in to the rotation as a training ship.

Commander Desmond walked in to the outer office for Admiral Harrison where several Cadets were working under the supervision of a senior enlisted officer he had known well, Chief Petty Officer Karen Stack. The cadets immediately went to attention as he walked in.

"As you were," Desmond said as he waved them back to their seats, he turned to CPO Stack; "Chief Stacks, good morning, I'm here to see Admiral Harrison."

Stacks nodded, "Yes, Commander Desmond, he's expecting you, go on in."

Desmond nodded and walked in to the Admiral's office. Admiral Harrison looked up from his computer and looked at Commander Desmond, "Commander, come on in and have a seat!"

Desmond nodded, and sat down across from Admiral Harrison, "Good morning, Sir, you wanted to see me?"

Harrison nodded absently as he continued to finish up what he was doing; "Yes, yes, I did. Commander, you've been doing a great job here at the Academy. You've got a lot of cadets who think the world of you and several commissioned officers who have said that your training has been invaluable to them."

Desmond's eyebrows shot up at that, it wasn't like Harrison to lavish praise upon people; "Thank you, Sir."

"Love the modesty, Commander, but you and I both know that you're one Hell of an officer. I'm gonna dispense with the normal pleasantries. The USS Jazza is just about to be commissioned, it's a Constitution-class ship and she needs a good commanding officer, you're it. Still haven't found an Executive Officer yet, but the majority of the command staff has been filled. They're all about to receive their appointments in an hour or so. They're to report to you at 1500 hours onboard the Jazza. Don't worry about your stuff, everything's been transferred to your quarters onboard your ship. You're to leave space dock tomorrow morning at 0700 hours to commence a shake down cruise. War games exercise with the USS Indefatigable, another Constitution class ship near Rigel IV. Once the war games are done, we've got you representing the Federation at a conference with the Klingons near the Neutral Zone. All subject to change of course. I know you'll have a million questions, we'll catch up later tonight. I want to have dinner with you and your senior staff. Oh...and while we're at need to check in with the quartermaster, Captain Desmond. Dismissed."