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Under way 1.0

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2019 @ 12:35am by Lieutenant Commander Amanda Sexton & Captain Matthew Desmond & Lieutenant Vanessa Jackson & Master Chief Petty Officer Kára Marellina

Mission: Baptism by Fire
Location: Space dock

Bridge of the USS Jazza:

Having repeated all of the Captains orders and seeing them through, the ship was leaving the outer doors of Space doc. The last reporter had been beamed off the ship and they were mere moments from going to Warp.

+Comm+"This is the XO. I show all non essential personnel are off the ship. Security deploy two man patrols. Senior staff meeting in 30 mins. We are at condition Green. That is all." Said Sexton as she turned to look at the Captain. "Sir your orders have been followed to the letter. By my reckoning we will be ready to go to warp in 45 seconds, we are presently at 3/4 impulse." Said Sexton

Vanessa watched the ship pull away from space dock. She enjoyed the view--when she had the chance. She looked down at her console to check that all systems showed green, then back at the viewscreen.

Amanda looked around the bridge and took it all in. Her gaze catching site of the Science station. She got to her feet and walked over to Jacksons station. "Do me a favor. No matter how insignificant, anything that causes you the least bit of concern, let me know and you and I will take it to the Captain together." Said Amanda

Vanessa nodded. It was an odd request, but she took it seriously. "I will. Is there something in particular that you want me to watch for?"

"If you remember the conversation that we had privately. I have learned that when things dont look right, they usually are not. So we won't take anything for granted." and she smiled. "Its better safe than sorry." she said finally.

Vanessa nodded. "It is. So, I'll make sure to pay attention if my Spidey senses start tingling."

Amanda smiled broadly. "You have been watching Earth Cartoons haven't you?" And she laughed, it had been a long time since anyone she knew had used that expression about their spidery sense tingling.

"I have five older brothers. Comics and old cartoons were a part of life, as were sports." She grinned back at Amanda. "I will neither confirm nor deny that I once tried to make my own spiderweb launcher."

Amanda laughed. "I imagine you're not the only one that's tried to make those things. I remember......." And she stopped cold in mid speech. She had just had a memory. She was sitting there starring off into space, remembering a moment when she was sitting in a living room, with a boy. Watching cartoons. And then she snapped out of it. "What just happened?" She asked

"From the look on your face, you remembered something," Vanessa replied. "What was it?"

Captain Desmond looked over at his XO and Chief Science Officer and could tell that something was amiss, "Everything OK over there?"

“Sir, I just had a memory from my childhood. If I had to guess, I’d say it was triggered by the conversation.” Said Amanda who had not had a memory like this since she was found three years earlier.

"I hope that's a good sign," Vanessa smiled encouragingly. "Write it down when you get back to your office so you don't forget it."

"Trust you me, I won't forget that. Sir as soon as possible, Id like to visit the doctor." said Sexton

Desmond nodded and looked over at the communications officer; "Notify sickbay that Commander Sexton is on her way down," he looked back at Sexton, "you can head out whenever you like."

"I will head there now." she said and left the bridge. This was a significant developement for her as this was the very first memory she had had since they found her on the shuttle unconcious three years earlier. Maybe her memories were starting to come back to her. But she wanted the doctor to see if anything was different in her brain.

Sick Bay:

Sexton entered sick bay and waited until she saw someone she could talk to.

To be continued:


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