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Underway Briefing

Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2019 @ 8:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Amanda Sexton & Captain Matthew Desmond & Lieutenant Commander Arthius Sayic & Lieutenant Vanessa Jackson & Lieutenant Krong & Master Chief Petty Officer Kára Marellina

Mission: Baptism by Fire
Location: Senior Officer's Lounge
Timeline: 40 minutes after launch

Captain Desmond entered the Senior Officer's Lounge ten minutes after the briefing was supposed to have started. He wanted to test the senior staff's reaction to something outside of the norm. The staff stood up when he entered.

"As you were," he said, and did not make any apologies for his lateness, as he walked past Commander Sexton he leaned in briefly and whispered; "I'll tell you later."

Captain Desmond sat at the head of the table, "Good morning. We are officially underway. We're about 40 hours away from the last known location of the USS Lexington. I want a status report from all departments. XO?"

"Sir. Operations is running at 98% and getting better all the time. Science and Intel, report." and she looked at Vanessa

"The science department is operational. All labs are online and the crew has already started working with the equipment. We should be ready for whatever is needed of us."

"Thats great news." said the XO

"I have Intel running at top notch," said Krong, "just waiting for Sciences to ask for help. What do you say Vanessa, ready to get down to work?"

Krong waited for an answer.

She wasn't aware that she had to ask him for help before moving forward. "I'm ready, just waiting for the word, Mr. Krong."

"Then let's get down to work." said Krong as he looked at Vanessa.

"All right," Vanessa replied. "We can start as soon as the briefing is over."

Arthius straightened up into his seat "Sir Engine room is reporting a green light If any kinks arise I have personnel prepared to handle what ever comes up. " He was still iffy about some of the systems the shake down cruise never found everything.

Captain Desmond looked at each officer in the room, "This briefing is concluded. Commander Sexton, Mr. Krong, Lieutenant Jackson, please hang back a moment. Everyone else is dismissed."

Vanessa nodded.

Arthius stood and exited the room anxious to get back Engineering.

A minute later and the staff had dispersed. “Ok Captain the room is yours “ Replied Sexton

Captain Desmond looked at Sexton, Krong and Jackson. "I don't have to tell any of you how sensitize this mission is. We're to..."

Desmond was interrupted by the sharp whistle of the intercom. "Bridge to Captain," came the voice of Master Chief Marellina.

Desmond held up a finger to everyone else and then said; "Go ahead."

"Captain, priority one message from Starfleet Command, Admiral Forrester, audio only."

"Go ahead and put it through down here, Chief," Desmond said.

"Aye, sir, Admiral Forrester now..."

The audio switched over, "This is Captain Desmond of the USS Jazza, go ahead Admiral Forrester."

Captain Desmond hadn't heard of an Admiral Forrester, but there were so many Admirals that it was bound to happen that he hadn't heard of some random Admiral.

"Captain Desmond, this is Admiral Forrester, Starfleet Intelligence. We've picked up a distress call from the U.S.S. Indefatigable about ten light years outside of the Trill system, the Jazza is the closest ship within range. You are to divert immediately to render assistance."

Captain Desmond raised an eyebrow, "Sir, are you sure? The Indefatigable was tied up in space dock next to us not more than an hour ago. There's no way she could be outside the Trill system."

"Captain Desmond, you misunderstand me...we picked up a distress call from the Daedalus class Indefatigable, which was declared lost with all hands about 50 years ago...and if I'm not mistaken, wasn't your grandmother, Captain Evelyn Desmond the commanding officer of that ship? Proceed to the coordinates that will be transmitted to your intelligence officer at best possible speed, further instructions will be provided upon arrival. The U.S.S. Yorktown is being re-tasked to complete your current mission. Forrester out."

Captain Desmond sat back in his chair, stunned, and then looked at the three officers in the room with him. "Alright...this goes no further than this room. I've got no idea what to make of any of this. But I will take your thoughts and advice under consideration.

Vanessa looked from the Captain to the First Officer and then to the Intel Officer and back. "We need to find out as much as we can about the ship's disappearance en route. Can we get their last transmissions? Are there any new messages?"

"I'll see what I can find out about the ship from before it went missing and if there's anything we can use we will go from there!" Said Amanda

Vanessa nodded and looked back at the Captain. "I'll see what information I can pull up about the sector and any anomalies reported."

Sexton could see the Captain was perplexed; "Orders are orders of course we're going, aren't we sir?" Waiting for him to answer.

Captain Desmond nodded, “Of course we’re going. To find out what happened to the Indefatigable is one of the greatest mysteries in Starfleet. It’s an old family story too. Disappearing without a trace and all. Lieutenant Jackson, run a long range sensor scan, Lieutenant Krong and Commander Sexton, you’ll work with me to pull as much data as we can from the Starfleet databanks. If I remember correctly there was an ion storm or something like that. We will advise the crew we are responding to a distress call.”

Vanessa nodded. "Yes, sir."

Desmond looked around at each of his officers; " as each department head did the same!


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