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Duty Schedules and Rosters

Posted on Mon Jun 3rd, 2019 @ 12:13am by Lieutenant Commander Amanda Sexton & Lieutenant Commander Arthius Sayic

Mission: Baptism by Fire

Arthius left his quarters and was heading for Deck 3, He had a productive meeting with the captain and now he wanted to check in on the XO and go over duty Rosters and shift rotations. He wanted to make sure that everything was up to his expectations in engineering and the XO was the one who normally handled all of these matters.

Amanda normally left the door to her office open as a part of her open door policy. It was easier to govern when people knew they could talk to you. As she looked up, she saw the colors of an engineering officer coming her way. Noting the rank, this must be her new chief of Engineering.

"Hello Chief. How are things in engineering?" She asked

He stopped at the door and slowly moved in and gave a brief nod " Commander, I have not been down to engineering yet but from the reports I have read she looks like she is in good shape but we wont know much until we start kicking the tires." He said with the curt smile.

"Well once you have, let me know for sure. In the meantime, come on in." Said Amanda

"So what I wanted to do was check in with you on the duty rosters I wanted to examine them and see if I thought any changes were in order at the point."

"Not a problem. Here you go." And she handed him a pad. "Care for a drink whilst we talk?" She asked

"Coffee Black .. Please" He said looking at the rosters and running over the names of the people that were assigned to different tasks at different times.

Amanda got him a coffee placed it on the desk between them and sat down with her own coffee firm in hand. "So I think you may know someone from your last posting that I know. A officer by the name of Les, human from Detroit on earth. I hear he died of complications. Complete surprise too with all of today's modern advances." Said Amanda

Arthius looked stunned he had known Les for quite some time and worked very closely with him on a previous assignment. "That is very said to hear.. I knew him quite well."

"Well if you feel up to it, we can have a drink in his honor tonight after work, say 8pm?" suggested Sexton

"It would be a pleasure." Arthius went back to looking at the padd that was in his hand. "Mind if I bring this tonight after I have some time to look it over for a bit?" He said waving the padd around a bit

“Not at all. Take it with you and I’ll see you there later. Is there anything pressing on your mind?” Asked the XO

"No ma'am Just want to start kicking the tires on this ship."

“Great than in that case. It’s a pleasure to meet you and welcome aboard and I’ll see you at 8pm. Dismissed.” Said Amanda


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