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A new home

Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2019 @ 8:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Amanda Sexton

Mission: Baptism by Fire
Location: USS Jazza

Amanda sat stoically listening to the nuances of the building. It was a thing of hers. She loved to listen to the workings of a engine or a working breathing operation in full stride and try to identify the different systems that made a things tick. This little ability of hers had served her well on many occasions during her time at The Academy. She hoped it would serve her equally as well on the USS Jazza as the Operations Chief.

She was only an Ensign, but she was sure that her age had lent itself to a level of respect that she got and was sure she would not normally see if she were younger and of the same rank. But Star Fleet did have its protocols for a reason, and the burden of command was most likely the most poignant reason for those protocols. And though she wasn't the CO, as a department head, one of the skills you needed in your repertoire was that of leading without being over bearing. Ops was a very important department, and she would try to run it as such.

The Star Date being what it was 2258 and all, there had been some great advances in computing and communication systems as well as energy management and transporter systems. All systems which fell under her purview.

Now that her ship had come in, her equipment was tagged and the new equipment that was to be loaded was waiting to be brought aboard, she needed to get a move on. So she sipped the last of her coffee and headed for quartermaster and then the transport control room, to ensure all the ships new equipment made it on board. Once on the Jazza she would conduct a 100% inventory for the records and for the Commanding Officer. Unlike a lot of people, she loved transporters. In fact she liked it more than taking a shuttle. There was just something cool about bring in one place and then two second later being somewhere else thousands of miles away!

So as she stood and checked every item on your manifest off the list as it was beamed to the Jazza. Things were coming along great. She just hoped it would continue to go this well. The last item ticked off her list were replacement injector coils. With that, she gave the quartermaster a nod and headed over to the personnel transporter so she could take her post.

It wasn't long before she was engulfed by the blue light taken apart and put back together on the other end. "Ensign Amanda Sexton reporting for duty!" And she rendered a hand salute. "Permission to come aboard Chief." Said Amanda
"Permission granted Ensign Sexton, Welcome to the Jazza." Replied the transporter Chief who just happened to be in her department.
"How long you been on duty?" Asked Sexton
"Four hours sir!" Replied the transporter Chief who was the same rank as her.
"Take a twenty minute break and get back here. I'll hold it down until then, but first I'll need to implement my command codes." Said Amanda as she walked around to face the console. She began tapping a few buttons. Then she went to voice command.

"Computer please recognize Ensign Amanda Sexton and release command codes. Epsilon Bravo 3577 execute." Ordered Amanda
[Recognized and activated, welcome aboard Operations Chief Amanda Sexton, Rank of Ensign] came the reply from the computer.
"Ok ensign take a twenty minute break and get back here. I've got a lot to get done." Said Amanda "you are relieved." And the young man did as he was told.

As she took the transporter station over, she began to run a diagnostic in the background. It was only level two, so it happened pretty quickly. It came back at 100% proficiency. Amanda took the next ten minutes to listen and get acquainted with her new ship. She listened to it breath and make little inflictions and noises that only a trained ear would look for. She smiled, it was almost as if the ship was saying hello to her. Before she knew it, twenty minutes had flown by. Just then the young ensign made his way back to the transporter console.
"Thanks for the break Chief. I have the console now. That was very kind of you." Said the ensign
"I like taking care of my people. What's your name?" She asked
"Taylor Sir." Said the young man being very respectful.
"Taylor you can call me Amanda or Chief. Leave the sir for Command, ok?" She asked
"Roger that." And he gave a smile and got back to work.

Amanda smiled back, grabbed the one bag she had brought with her and headed out into the corridor of the Constitution Class Ship. She stopped for a second and tapped the wall. Tapped in her room location and a flashing broken white line guided the way.

Ens Amanda Sexton
Chief Operations Officer
USS Jazza


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