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First Trip Around

Posted on Mon Jun 3rd, 2019 @ 2:04am by Lieutenant Commander Arthius Sayic

Mission: Baptism by Fire
Location: Engineering

Arthius left the meeting with the Xo and headed to engineering.. It was going to be his first trip to engineering since arriving on board the ship. He walked through the doors and took a look around, He didn't say anything to any one, he just walked the room slowly looking at the different engineers going between consoles and preforming different tasks.

They were shortly leaving space dock and this was the most nervous time for an engineer. It was up to them to make sure that everything went off with out a hitch.

The engineers all looked up at him as he walked past. Their looks only lingered for a moment as he walked past and then they went back to their work.

Arthius brought up his Padd that had his crew roster on it. He stopped one engineer as they were walking past. "Excuse me Chief, I am looking for Lieutenant Strack"

"I believe he is in the office over there."

"Thank you Chief"

"No Problem Commander." the Chief Petty Office replied

Arthius continued his slow pace looking through out engineering making his way to the office. As he approached the office a younger looking male exited the office "Nox, I need the status of the Deflector dish, you were supposed to have that report in my hands half an hour ago."

The Trill Vunnal Vox looked up. "The diagnostic just finished you will have it in 2 Minutes"

Strack did not even notice Arthius standing not three meters from the office.

"S'Grosin did you finish that Level 2 diagnostic on the computer core" Strack turned to ask the Caitian

"Fourrr Minuets sir." He replied

At this strack turned back toward the office and looked up from his padd and stopped dead in his tracks.

"Commander Sayic it is soo good to see you again." he said Heading toward him

"We meet before Lieutenant" Arthius saying with a slightly confused look on his face.

"I took your Tempral Mechanics class when I was at the academy."

"Ahh I hope you learned something"

"I did, I believe a good chunk of the engineering staff has taken a few of your courses."

"I recognized some names from the crew roster... At least I know how well they were trained. You mind meeting me in the office here for a moment."

"No sir." Strack said following Arthius into the office.

Once they got in the office Arthius sat behind the desk. "I have been reading your update reports for the last two days so I think i am caught up but if not give me a status report."

"All major systems are checking out as operational, we are working on checking all the sub systems as well as rerunning diagnostics on all major systems. But you know as well as I do until we put this beauty under some stress we are not going to know 100%."

Arthius shock his head knowingly. "Understood, I want updated reports in my hands every two hours untill we leave space dock and then ever hour once we are underway until I change that.

"Understood sir."


Arthius could not explain how good it felt being back on board a ship and heading out into space. Academy Life is great but this is what he lived for.


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