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First Briefing

Posted on Tue May 21st, 2019 @ 2:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Amanda Sexton & Captain Matthew Desmond & Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Pike & Lieutenant Vanessa Jackson & Lieutenant Krong

Mission: Baptism by Fire
Location: Observation Deck

Amanda considered carefully where she wanted to meet the crew. This would be the first of many meetings so she decided that everyone who was available should be there.

"Computer, ship wide communications open." She ordered
[Public Address is open Commander.] came the reply from the ships computer.

"This is the XO. The following personnel are requested to attend a mandatory briefing at 10:00 hrs." And she called off the names. Once she was finished, she directed them to the observation deck, where she had organized a welcome aboard brunch. "See you all there! That is all." As she went on with her preparations.

09:45am Observation Deck:

Sexton stood talking to a couple yo men who were there to serve drinks and come around with food stuff for her guests. This was no normal staff meeting. It would mostly be department heads and a few new people who had not yet been welcomed to their new home!

"Hello Everyone, my name is Amanda Sexton. I'm your Chief of Operations and the Executive Officer of the Jazza. Please help yourself to hors d'oeuvres, and drinks and find a seat. We are still waiting for a few people and soon we will get started. If you are a Jr officer in your department, I'd suggest you pick someone from your group to speak on your sections behalf since it dies not look like the senior staff is going to make. Which also means there may have to be some changes made." Said Amanda meaning every word.

The chief Intel officer, Lieutenant Krong walked in and sat down quickly. "Sorry I am late XO," he said, "I just arrived on the ship like three hours ago." Krong knew he might have been able to get here on time, if he hadn't run into a few idiot engineers when he arrived.

"Pleasure to meet you Lt. Krong. And you're not late, but you are here and that's what counts. We will wait another ten minutes then we will get started, be sure to get some refreshments." Replied the XO

Captain Desmond had quietly slipped in to the observation deck. He wanted to observe the senior staff as they interacted with each other, and of course to introduce himself when the time was appropriate. He grabbed a cup of coffee, added cream and sugar and casually munched on a bagel and cream cheese and did his best to not stick out like a sore thumb.

The Chief Science Officer had yet to board, so Vanessa Jackson was representing the science department. She had come aboard the night before and had only met one other person. She got herself something to snack on and then found a seat where she could watch others.

Today was going to be a day of surprises for some people. Since half of the senior staff did not bother to advise command of their whereabouts, there were a few changes taking place.

"Ok, most of us are new here. So let's take a moment to get acquainted. Let's see here, Jackson Vanessa, where are you?" And she looked out among the crowed room and saw the hand of who she sought.

Vanessa wasn't sure why she was being singled out, but she dutifully raised her hand as she'd yet to meet the XO.

"Congratulations Lt. You are the new Chief Science Officer. I'll give you some time to let that sink in. Since our other Chief is being reassigned." Said the Executive Officer.

Vanessa was surprised, but pleasantly so.

"Krong I think it is? Where are you?" As if she could not identify the toughest of two Klingons in the room.

"Yes Lieutenant Krong," he said, "I am over here Just watching the room and I have the Intel you have asked for XO. I am ready to debrief you and the CO when you want me to."

"Ok, we will cover that in the senior staff briefing." and she looked down at her notes.

"Ladies and gents, Lt Krong is our Chief Intel Officer and Mission Advisor. Welcome aboard Lt. Come see me and the CO later for and in depth Intel briefing before we do our shake down cruise." Said the XO. "There's going to be many more changes before the day is done. Some of you may be asked to help out in areas that have nothing to do with what you were trained in. This is where you operate on the team concept. A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Don't be that weak link people. Now if I can get you all to go one at a time and tell us where you are from and what your ambitions are, that would be great." Replied Lt Cmdr Sexton. "Who wants to go first?" She asked

Nathaniel entered the room, he stopped for a moment looking around seeing the other officers before he managed to make his way over to a wall and then stood there leaning against it.

Vanessa glanced up to see who walked in and smiled before turning back to listen to the XO.

“Glad you could make it Commander. “ Said Amanda

Nathaniel gave a nod but said nothing.

"Well, since no one is jumping at the chance, I'll go first," Vanessa said. "I'm Vanessa Jackson. I grew up in the Andes region of South America on Earth. I'm an archaeologist, anthropologist, and historian. My sister and I were college professors before joining Starfleet. My ambitions? I think that's a bit more information than you want to know."

“Thank you Chief. It’s gonna be great getting to know you.” Said Sexton

Vanessa smiled. She was going to like working with Sexton.

Cromwell spoke next and gave a good account of himself. Smith and Johnson did the same. Before long, they had all had a moment and introduced themselves. Nathaniel would be the last to speak before Sexton called this portion of the meeting to an end.

"Well Nate, I guess you are the last one to speak. The floor is yours." and Amanda sat back and waited for him to finish.

Nathaniel stood there looking around for a moment before speaking "I am Nathaniel Pike, I grew up in Hawaii on Earth, I have spent most of my Star Fleet career in security and have spent the past 5 years doing security for the President."

"What about you, commander?" Vanessa asked Amanda. "And the captain?"

Perfect timing thought Amanda.

"Um may I speak?" asked Krong, "My name is Lieutenant Krong and I am your chief Intel Officer and like LtCMDR. Sexton said, I am a mission specialist for this mission."

"Yes,you are a mission advisor for the up coming mission. Please coordinate with Jackson in science and I will speak to you both in the senior staff meeting we will be having later. So if there is nothing else, Jackson hang back so we can talk and I will see the rest of you in the briefing. Dismissed!" ordered Sexton.


Lt Cmdr AManda Sexton
Executive Officer
USS Jazza

Lt Vavessa Jackson
Chief Science Officer
USS Jazza

Lt. Krong
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Jazza


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