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Posted on Wed May 15th, 2019 @ 1:48pm by Lieutenant Vanessa Jackson & Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Pike
Edited on on Thu May 16th, 2019 @ 7:25pm

Mission: Baptism by Fire
Location: USS Jazza


Vanessa walked down the corridor toward her quarters, thinking more about what she needed to do tonight to get everything unpacked and set up so she could sleep than where she was going.

Nathaniel was walking down the hallway with his sons, they where heading to the holodeck to get some exercise, he spotted the officer in front of them "Hello" He gave the officer a small smile.

"Hi," Tessa replied automatically. Then she saw the twins. "Hi, there. How old are you?"

Michael and Shane both stopped and looked up at the woman then looked at their father, he smiled and nodded "We are 6 years old." Both of them said to her in unison.

Her smile brightened. "I still do that. I have a twin sister. We went all the way through university and then Starfleet Academy together. My name's Tessa, by the way. It is very nice to meet you." She smiled up at their father. "And you, too."

Nathaniel gave her a small smile "I am Nathaniel and these are my sons, Michael and Shane." He gave a gesture to them "It was nice to meet you as well."

A definite go away so my kids and I can continue on our way. "Well then, Michael and Shane, I'm the Assistant Chief Science Officer. If it's okay with your father, you're welcome to come see me if you ever need to talk to someone who knows what it's like to be a twin. We can have very...unique problems." She again glanced at Nathaniel. "Or are you a twin, too?"

"Thanks for the offer Lieutenant, we will have to see how it goes." Nathaniel looked at her and then shook his head "No I am an only child. The twin part came from their Mother." The twins then got quiet for a moment.

Vanessa got the feeling that the mother was no longer around. She didn't want to pry, and she didn't want to make them feel any more awkward than they did already. "I'm sorry," she said to all three. Then she turned back to the father. "I'm not trying to offer any advice. I just know how tough it can be sometimes to be a twin."

Nathaniel looked over at his sons then turned to face the woman "It's ok, it has just been a tough couple of years is all, first my Mother passed away then not even a year later the boys Mother also passed away." He held out his hand towards the boys as they moved closer to their father.

"That makes it doubly hard." And she basically stuck her foot in her mouth. "So, to totally change the subject, where are you off to?"

Nathaniel looked at her for a moment "I taking my boys to the holo deck to do some martial arts training."

"Sounds like fun." She smiled at the two boys. "See you around." Then she looked at Nathaniel for a long moment. "You, too. Maybe I can buy you a drink some time."

"The boys like it and I enjoy teaching them all of the marital arts that I am highly skilled in." Nathaniel thought for a couple seconds "Maybe one day I will take you up on that offer."

She smiled at Nathaniel. "Okay. One day." Then she turned to the kids again. "It was nice meeting you." Since she could tell she was making them uncomfortable she turned and continued on her way. She paused a short distance and turned looking at Nathaniel for a moment before speaking again. "See you around."

Nathaniel stood there watching her go then nodded "See you around." He turned back around and headed for the holo deck, Michael and Shane following him.


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