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No Rest for the Weary

Posted on Tue May 21st, 2019 @ 2:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Amanda Sexton & Captain Matthew Desmond & Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Pike & Lieutenant Vanessa Jackson & Lieutenant Krong & Master Chief Petty Officer Kára Marellina

Mission: Baptism by Fire
Location: Senior Officer's Wardroom

Captain Desmond sat at the head of the table in the wardroom and waited while the gathered senior staff in addition to the Chief of the Boat, helped themselves to the lunch that had been prepared by the chef. He had requested everyone to meet him there in order to go over the new mission orders he had just received from Starfleet Command, and he hoped that everyone was up for the challenge.

"I know we haven't had a chance to really meet each other formally," Captain Desmond said as he looked at all of his officers staring intently at him, "first of all, feel free to eat, while this is a formal meeting, I run a fairly relaxed wardroom," he dived in to his plate to prompt others to do the same. "Second, we've received our orders from Starfleet Command. The training exercise with the U.S.S. Indefatigable has been cancelled. We're skipping a formal commissioning ceremony and being pressed in to active service.

"Starfleet Intelligence has received reports of some strange gravimetric activity along the Neutral Zone. It could potentially be some new weapon that the Klingons are developing that we've never seen before. Our orders are to investigate, engage any suspicious activity and report our findings back to Starfleet Command. We're to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Lexington, a Hermes class scout ship that has been monitoring the situation closely. It's orders were to go dark until we make contact with them," he paused for a moment, "this is our initial baptism by fire ladies and gentlemen. While it sounds like a simple scientific observation mission, a milk run so to speak, I want to make sure that we're all on the same page," he turned to his XO, "Commander Sexton, give us a preliminary operations report, please."

“Yes sir “ Replied LT Cmdr Sexton as she stood up next to the screen. “The last known location of the Lexington was here. Since they’ve gone dark, no one knows exactly where they are. When we approach the neutral zone, we will send out a sub space burst letting them know we’re arriving. If we get an answer we will rendezvous and exchange intel and take over the investigation. In the unlikely event that the Lex is a no show, we will look for them and report our findings to Star Fleet. So before we depart I want all departments at as close to 100% as we can get. If we the senior staff do our jobs and give our subordinates a good example to follow. Things should go smoothly. Operations and engineering will have repair crew drills just in case. Security will be running boarder repellent exercises and medical will be ready for anything, including taking on wounded from the Lexington if need be. LT Krong And Jackson will be the tip of the spear on this one. Does anyone have any questions?” Asked the XO

Vanessa raised a hand. When she was acknowledged, she asked, "Shouldn't we also be prepared to look for the Lexington if she fails to respond in case she needs help?"

“I’d say that’s a good idea and a big part of our mission.” Replied Sexton

"It also probably be a good idea to be ready for any ships that could be nearby that could try to stop us." Nathaniel said from his chair.

Vanessa nodded.

"Captain," said Krong, "as it concerns possibly Klingons are behind this may I suggest something?"

Krong looked at the others. "If we send myself and a few others to check this out, maybe we can figure out what the hell is going on."

"I'm going to have to say no to that. Too many unknown variables. There may be a point when I can send you in, but not before you know more." Said Sexton

"While it's far too early to know what we might get in to, if we know going in is on the table, it'll help us better prepare," Vanessa said. "I can do more research on the area while we're in transit. We can also look up transport and freighter records to let us know what ships we might encounter, and Mr. Krong can look into Klingon activity. If we don't need it, we'll call it practice, but if we do, we'll already have a head start."

"Those are all good ideas. start working on that list at the completion of this meeting." replied Sexton

"It might be good to send a few of us to check it out to see what we can find out. I volunteer myself to go with Mr. Krong." Nathaniel spoke

"And they'll need a scientist, so I volunteer, too," Vanessa said. Her eyes sparkled impishly as she added, "We'll be the Three Musketeers. I choose Porthos."

"Then I'm afraid it's gonna be up to the CO to make the final decision, cause I hate splitting the crew like that without more solid info to go on. This is our first mission. I think we need to jell together more. But in the end, its the CO's decision." Said Sexton.

Vanessa glanced at the others. She didn't mean to take control like this. "We can leave it on the table in case we need it later."

"Lets see what the Captain thinks, Sir your opinion." asked Sexton realizing that the CO had purposely not spoken until now.

Captain Desmond looked at everyone; "I concur with the XO. We're all rather green here so to speak...after the Battle of the Binary Stars, I've spent the last few years teaching at the Academy. While I might have recommended this course of action in a command theory class, I can assure you that more often in practice it ends up being the worst thing you can possibly do. We need to proceed with caution folks. We might have peace with the Klingons for now, but I don't want to be the captain that causes Chancellor L'Rell to negate the peace treaty we've established."

"Very well," Vanessa said. She wasn't going to argue with the captain.

Nathaniel gave a curt nod but said nothing.

Amanda was not pleased that she had to go against what was obviously two very bright minds. But for the sake of getting to know them better she proceeded on the side of caution. No reason to loose two or three really good officers to the unknown when it was not necessary. "Ok, if there's no more questions, Jackson and Krong please prepare for our coming encounter with the Klingons and finding the Lexington and if you have time, come up with a sensor package for a probe that we might use as an early warning device should your hunch be warranted and there is something really bad waiting for us. With the Captains blessings, this meeting is concluded." And she looked to the Captain for his nod.

"Yes sir," said Krong, "I should be ready by 0300 hours. I think with Sciences help this could go quickly. Jackson, Do you think we can pull this off in less and 10 hours?"

"if we go in prepared, yes," Vanessa replied.

She liked that they were already working together. "Dimissed everyone."




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