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Unexpected Chemistry

Posted on Mon May 20th, 2019 @ 1:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Pike & Lieutenant Vanessa Jackson

Mission: Baptism by Fire
Location: Corridor, Pike's Quarters


While she had the time, Vanessa wanted to get in some exercise, which for her meant belly dancing. Her quarters were a bit too small, so she reserved a workout room for two hours and headed down the corridor, hoping she wouldn't run into too many people dressed in a harem outfit complete with bells and veils.

She couldn't help chuckling at the tinkling she made every time she took a step. Just for fun, At the corner she tapped her finger cymbals together.

Nathaniel had put his sons to bed after dinner and a bath for them, he had just finished doing a martial art workout alone, his workout by himself was usually more intense since the boys where still learning and young. He was wearing black workout pants with thin shoes on, he was heading back to his quarters when he heard a noise, he stopped for a moment to listen, he then turned the corner and spotted Lt. Jackson "Hello Lieutenant."

Not the best person to run into dressed as she was, she thought, trying not to blush. "Hello, Commander." She adjusted her footing, the bells on her costume tinkling. The humor of the situation made her eyes sparkle. "Nice to see you again."

Nathaniel stood there looking her over for a second, raising an eyebrow almost Vulcan like "Interesting attire that you have on there."

Her smile turned impish as she tapped her finger cymbals. "I'm learning to belly dance as it's imperative that I dress in costume." She rolled her hips, ending in a shimmy. "Bells, too."

Nathaniel watched her for a minute "I can see that you have. That's good to know that you are." He gave a nod "Bells too huh?"

The expression in her eyes grew positively mischievous. "Bells, too. They're a very important part of the dance. If you're not doing it right, you can hear it and feel it. One of these days I may have to try a samba in this outfit. It could prove...interesting. Both dances involve a lot of hip."

He looked into her eyes as they stood there "You seem to be enjoying yourself or some interesting thoughts right about now. Course always want to try to do things the correct way." Nathaniel thought for a moment "I tried samba once a few years ago, wasn't too bad."

She liked his eyes. "if you ever want to try again, I'd be happy to help you. I don't have a partner at the moment." Yes, she was enjoying herself, which surprised her. It was a pleasant surprise.

Nathaniel nodded "It might be possible to try it one day." He shrugged "Mean after all you never know what could happen in life." Nathaniel looked at her "I hope that I am not keeping you from your lessons?"

"It's a computer program. It won't start until I get there." She wondered if his one day was simply a way to brush her off. "No, you don't know what will happen." She shrugged. "I like to make sure I don't get so involved in my work I forget to have some fun." Then she realized that her comment might be taken the wrong way. She put a hand on his arm. "That was not meant as a criticism, just a comment about my own life."

"I was just making sure was all." He looked down at her hand on his bare arm then looked back up at her, he enjoyed her touch on his arm "It's ok, I myself have put too much time into my work more then I should, but I am currently working on that, especially for my boys."

"I'm glad. For your boys, and for you." She wasn't quite sure what to say after that, so she fell silent. She stood there for several long moments smiling at him and rubbing her hand along his upper arm...until she realized what she was doing and dropped her hand. "Sorry." She'd worked with enough shirtless men on archaeological sites that she was unfazed by Nathaniel's appearance, except that she was beginning to realize that this man was different from the others.

Nathaniel smiled at her "It's ok I actually enjoyed it." He placed his hand onto her cheek looking into her eyes for a moment then kissed her right on the lips.

That was not at all what she expected, but she liked the way it felt. She leaned closer to him, her hands going to his chest, so that she could return the kiss.

He put his strong arms around her his hands going to her bare back, Nathaniel then kissed her a bit more deeply.

She groaned softly, her arms wrapping around his neck. She forgot that they were standing in a corridor and that she was going to dance. Finally, she heard someone coming around the corner and lay her face against his chest, feeling her body tremble.

When the person turned the other way, Vanessa kissed his chest. "Can we...?" She wanted to ask if they could go somewhere and continue where they left off, but wasn't sure if that was what he wanted, too.

Nathaniel stood there holding her as the person turned the other way, he felt her tremble but said nothing just held her close to him "Can we what?" He asked as they stood there.

Vanessa blushed. "I'd like to kiss you again, but not in the corridor." Or she could just stay here, with Nathaniel's arms around her. She liked the way it felt.

Nathaniel pulled back from her his hand taking hold of her hand "Where would you like to go?" He stood there looking at her.

She hesitated, feeling suddenly shy. She held tightly to his hand and took a deep breath. "Your place or mine?" She could always find time for belly dancing. There was something about this moment--about Nathaniel--that she couldn't pass up.

He smiled at her then thought for a second "My place works." Nathaniel figured that way if the boys needed him then he was right there for them. He kept hold of her hand and lead her towards his quarters.

Once inside, Vanessa turned to Nathaniel, put her free hand on his shoulder, and kissed him. There was so much about him that appealed to her, that drew her. He was a man of firew words, but there was so much under the surface that she could see in his eyes and feel when she was close to him.

Nathaniel kissed her back, his other hand going to her bare back pulling her closer to him. He wanted to get to know her more and explore a relationship with her.


Vanessa woke early. She would never have dreamed how her evening turned out, but she wouldn't change any of it. Nathaniel was still asleep next to her. She ran her hand across his back and kissed his shoulder, wishing she could spend more time curled up next to him. But his kids would be waking up soon and she needed to be gone before then.

She rummaged around until she found one of his shirts and put it on before gathering up her costume. All but one pair of finger cymbals. Those she left on the pillow as a memento. Then she woke him with a kiss. "I'm leaving before your kids get up so you don't have to answer any awkward questions. Tonight was...wonderful." She caressed his check with her fingers. "Until next time." At least she hoped there would be a next time.

Nathaniel looked at her "It's ok I understand, but will have to sooner or later answer them." He gave her a small smile "Yes tonight was, hopefully the next time will be very soon."

Then she padded down the corridor to her own quarters, grateful she didn't see anyone.

He sat there in bed watching her leave.

Lieutenant Vanessa Jackson
Chief Science Officer
USS Jazza

Lt.Commander Nathaniel Pike
Second Officer
USS Jazza


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